Obesity is on the increase.  Physiotherapists are in an excellent position to help.

Physiotherapists have a key role in preventing and managing people, who are overweight and obese.  Obesity leads to restrictions in movement.  Exercise and movement are at the centre of the scope of every physiotherapist’s practice.

Many obese patients report their level of physical activity to be low, often reporting physical activity to be tiring, and occasionally causing joint pain.


Obesity Problems

How Can A Physiotherapist At The Vale Physiotherapy Clinic help?

  1. By providing personalised lifestyle advice
  2. By producing an exercise programme tailored to each individual patient’s needs.  This will increase muscle strength, flexibility and help to increase energy levels.
  3. Treating any problems associated with, or secondary to, obesity such as back, hip and knee pain.

This is not limited solely to adults.  Physiotherapy can also help obese children, giving them the confidence to join in exercises with their peers.