What our clients say about us…


The physiotherapist was very easy to talk to and approachable.  Recommended!
Krystyna - April 2018
Very efficient Physio, helpful and explained each exercise and treatment in detail.  Thank you.
David - April 2018
I REALLY recommend this practice!
Rachel - April 2018
Very good treatment with a delightful physio (Matt).
Annette - April 2018
Very friendly clinic with helpful treatment and advice.
Stella - March 2018
Mike was very honest and tried lots of different things.  I have been very happy with his hard work to try and help me.  I also appreciated his honesty and would highly recommend the practice/Mike to others. Thank you
Nicola - March 2018
First class experience throughout.  Treatment and admin/support all excellent.
David - March 2018

Clinic response: This was written about Chloe, one of our 2 new experienced physiotherapists, who joined us only at the beginning February 2018.  It’s really nice to get such an early positive review from a patient about her!  

Very conscientious and caring person with professional attitude.
Kathy - March 2018

Clinic response: This was written about Matt, our other  new team member & equally experienced physiotherapist, who also joined us at the beginning of February 2018.  Of course we already knew he had these qualities but it’s really nice to read that our patients agree! 

Very friendly and welcoming atmosphere with positive advice.
Carey - March 2018
A very good clinic, from physiotherapist to the ladies on reception.
Darron - February 2018

Clinic response: We’re sure this lovely patient would have also thanked Ian, our Saturday Receptionist, had he attended at the weekend!

Cannot fault the services of The Vale Clinic in any way!
Anon - February 2018
Fabulous, friendly and helpful staff.  Happy to recommend to anyone & everyone!
Brenda - February 2018
A very efficient and personable experience.
Anon - February 2018
Friendly staff and a FANTASTIC service!
Carol - February 2018
Cathryn was very helpful in identifying and treating the affected area.  This had not been satisfactorily identified before!
Des - February 2018
Great, thorough phsyiotherapist.  Made to feel very welcome and it’s always a pleasure to come for a session. Thanks Becky (Yates)
George - February 2018
A really friendly and comfortable environment to be in – was treated as an individual and not a number!  Refreshing!
Cherryl - January 2018
Absolutely fantastic!  Will be back when needed.  Highly recommended! Thanks Amanda.
Zoe - January 2018
Amanda was friendly, knowledgable and treatment was great!
Terry - December 2017
It has been a very satisfying experience and my pain has completely gone. Really happy!
Alison - December 2017
The treatment has made a big difference to my ability to walk/run and get some weight off! Thanks Jenny!
Kathy - December 2017
Excellent service – so accommodating and helpful.  Thank you very much.  I shall definitely return if I need to!
Sally - December 2017
(Mike was…) So polite. Easy to talk to.  Made me feel at ease.  A lovely person!
Anon - December 2017
Very well satisfied.  Jenny works wonders for me.  I shall recommend her to anyone!
Ann - November 2017
I came to the practice on the NHS.  All the staff were very nice and helpful and explained everything really well.  Thank you.
Anon - November 2017
Becky [Overall] has helped me enormously.  She explained everything so well and encouraged me with my exercises.  She is a STAR!
Gill - November 2017
FANTASTIC staff & made to feel very relaxed with all treatments.
Anon - November 2017
A very comprehensive analysis and understanding of my symptoms.  Thanks Becky [Overall].
Alison - November 2017
The treatment I received was excellent in every way.
Rita - November 2017
Really good NHS service.  Everyone very clear and helpful!
Carol - October 2017
Wonderful treatment! Helpful and informative!
Sarah - October 2017
I am more than happy with the service provided here on the NHS and also appreciate the efficiency with which it was all arranged.
Jennifer - October 2017
Thank you [Mike] for a thorough and efficient service of physiotherapy.
Anon - September 2017
Excellent service.  Really helped!  Can now walk and run again.  Well on the way to being 100%.
Mark - September 2017
Am so much more confident with injury and now know how to prevent and selt-treat effectively.  Becky (Yates) was amazing!
Kathryn - September 2017
(Cathryn) was very sympathetic and knowledgable and did everythng she could for me that was possible!
Amanda - August 2017
Excellent and effective treatment.  Knowledgeable and very friendly therapist.  Thanks Jenny.
Lesley - August 2017
I have previously been seeing an osteopath but the treatment I have received here has made such a massive improvement in a very short space of time! 😀 Thanks Mike
Linda - July 2017
Fantastic service.  Saw GP 9am and had an “urgent” appointment in place with physio 12pm the same day – just amazing! Thanks
Caroline - July 2017

Clinic response: It’s great when we can book patients in immediately and start their treatment so quickly.  We always aim to book patients in as soon as possible (and at least within 48-72 hours) although, during particularly busy periods, it occasionally takes a little longer.  For Caroline, we were delighted to hear that another patient reported they were better (and cancelled their appointment) so we could help her out!

Excellent practice.  Becky helped me on a previous occasion with a different issue too, which massively changed the quality of my life!
Sue - July 2017
Short & sweet – Jenny is brill!
Sally - July 2017
Felt very welcome at each visit and sessions were very effective.  Have been very happy with my course of treatment.
Carey - June 2017
Great clinic.  Very welcoming.  Thank you.
George - June 2017
Fantastic service.  Good treatment and explanation of the condition, with exercises to follow up on.  Thank you.
Piers - June 2017
Great clinic with great staff.
Sarah - June 2017
Fantastic!!!  Really recommended.
Anon - June 2017
Thank you so much – you have really made a big difference!
Anon - June 2017
Very welcoming.  Full and detailed explanation of treatment given.  Very, very good! Thank you! (Jenny).
Jeremy - June 2017
She (Cathryn) is very good and understands my world of birds!
Rob - June 2017

Clinic response: Lovely to hear and, as for the comment about the birds, just don’t ask! It’s a long story!

Can say that my time spent being treated at this clinic has been very pleasant.  Thank you! (Jenny).
Jill - June 2017
Have been very pleased with the treatment and advice I’ve received.  Thanks (Amanda).
Roger - June 2017
Great service and advice given! Thanks!
Jason - June 2017
For efficiency, top marks! Very friendly practice.  Thank you.
Donald - May 2017
Very helpful physio, very friendly, would highly recommend the practice!
Trevor - May 2017
Very good service! Brill!
Rachel - May 2017
Such friendly ladies.  I feel so much better for attending my 4 NHS sessions although I still have a bit of discomfort. 
Fiona - May 2017

Here’s a happy story. In 2014, I had ‘hip trouble’.  X-rays showed wear & tear, particularly on my right hip.  I was advised that soon I would need a replacement hip!  Ugh!  However, my local GP (The Vale Group/Long Clawson) sent me here to The Vale Physiotherapy Clinic in Hickling.  I had just 2 sessions with Mike Cumming, one of the team, who advised 3 simple leg swinging exercises, which took about one minute in all (once a day) and, like manna from heaven, the hip no longer hurts at all!  (Actually I do the exercises morning and night).  Three cheers for The Vale and the NHS!

Bernard B, Scalford - March 2017

Clinic response: We are all delighted that he took the time to let us know that his pain has never returned!

A couple of months ago, I was having problems with my right wrist and hand (I could not hold anything with it) and my right knee, which was so painful I was constantly limping.  Rather than go to the doctors, I was recommended to visit The Vale… so I did.  I was seen by Jenny, who gave my wrist and knee an extensive examination.  Once the problems were diagnosed, a course of treatment and exercise was prescribed.  2 months on, I am now completely without pain and able to play golf and go swimming without any pain or discomfort.  I feel marvellous. Any regrets? Yes – I should have gone 6 months ago! Will I go back?  I hope not but if I have need, certainly, and would recommend anyone else with a problem like mine to do the same.
Just wanted to let you know I can walk for miles again without any knee pain. I’m still pretty tight behind the knees but will keep on stretching.  It’s just great to be back in working order! Thank you!
I have had problems with my back for the last 20 years on and off. I found Vale Physiotherapy Clinic by accident having tried various other practices in the area and not been particularly happy. I find Vale a very friendly and relaxing place to go. The physiotherapists are all lovely and I have seen a few of them over the years, each one offers something different depending on what your problem is and in an emergency there is always someone available for you to see – none of this having to wait (in agony) for 2 weeks till someone can give you an appointment. The owner of the clinic – Liz Smith – is a friendly bubbly person who gives very generously of her time – appointment times are supposed to be 30 – 45 mins and on more than one occasion I have been in for over an hour. Cannot recommend them enough.
Over the past years, probably about 20 of them, I have attended The Vale Physiotherapy Clinic with various aches and pains, all due, of course, to exercise and injury and none whatsoever to anno domini! I have been treated by a selection of the physios, depending on which particular area of expertise I was in need and I can say, hand on heart, that I have met with nothing but complete professionalism, kindness and good humour. They all complement each other beautifully. Whoever has treated me has left me feeling like a new woman. With the need of a new knee looming, again due to excessive exercise and again nothing to do with age, I shall return to the Vale knowing that I shall be back on the golf course in the shortest possible time. It really is a pleasure to meet with a group of people who are so obviously dedicated to helping and improving lives.

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