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Modern physiotherapy incorporates a broad range of treatments that are often used in combination to treat a wide variety of conditions and injuries sustained as a result of sport, daily activity or occupational hazard.

Hands on techniques are used throughout the clinic, combined with laser, ultrasound and interferential therapies as appropriate. Patients are then taught how to self-manage their condition and how to reduce the risk of recurrence – prevention always being better than cure.

All of our treatments are geared towards restoring your normal movement as quickly as possible and include pain relieving techniques, soft tissue and joint mobilisation, electrotherapy and acupuncture. Whichever treatment we perform on you it will also be backed up by advice on how best you can get back to normal activities, or to your usual level of sporting performance.

We ensure that all of our treatments are carried out following current best practice by insisting that our physiotherapists keep fully abreast of the latest developments through regular attendance at professional training courses.

Read on to discover more about the main treatments that we offer.


The Vale Clinic - MobilisationsMobilisation is a hands-on manual therapy designed to restore joint movement, power, and range of motion. A therapist will gently coax joint motion by passive movement within, or to the limit of, a joint’s normal range of motion. The overall goal of mobilisation is to restore normal function to the joint and surrounding soft tissue.

Exercise programmes

The Vale Clinic - Exercise ProgrammesTo complement your clinic treatment, we often supply you with a tailor made exercise programme, which we can also send direct to your home computer. This includes a video clip reminding you how to perform the exercises. All exercises will be explained and demonstrated to you at the clinic and, if carried out as prescribed, will allow you to maintain positive progression throughout your treatment plan – and beyond.


The Vale Clinic - Acupuncture

As part of your rehabilitation and pain management programme you may be offered acupuncture. Combined with physiotherapy, acupuncture is widely used for painful musculoskeletal conditions and is seen as a complementary, rather than an alternative therapy, widely accepted within the NHS and private practice.

Recent research now supports the effectiveness of acupuncture in pain management, indicating benefits in treating low back pain, neck pain and knee arthritis.


The Vale Clinic - MassageMassage involves a therapist manipulating the body’s soft tissues using their hands. It is suitable for most people and is generally used to improve circulation, help fluid drain from parts of the body more efficiently, improve movement, relieve pain and reduce stress.


The Vale Clinic - Laser TreatmentsLaser Therapy is the application of red and near infra-red light over injuries to improve soft tissue healing and give relief for both acute and chronic pain. Laser Therapy can increase the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair whilst also giving relief from pain and resolving inflammations.

Interferential therapy

The Vale Clinic - Interferential TherapyInterferential Therapy uses a mid-frequency electrical signal to treat muscular spasms and strains. The current produces a massaging effect over the affected area at periodic intervals which stimulates the secretion of endorphins – the body’s natural pain relievers. This relaxes strained muscles and promotes soft-tissue healing.


The Vale Clinic - Ultrasound TreatmentUltrasound has been proven to improve and facilitate the repair of ligaments, tendons, scar tissue and joints. It will generally be used alongside other techniques to encourage tissue repair and regeneration.

Sports advice and injury prevention

The Vale Clinic - Sports Advice and Injury PreventionPhysiotherapy can be beneficial at the first sign of a problem and can prevent a minor niggle developing into a major injury problem. Our physiotherapists are able to assess your movement patterns and biomechanics and then provide appropriate treatments to correct these patterns. This will minimise the risk of further injury and could enhance your performance.

Cycling Specific Injuries

Please book an appointment with Jenny Daynes if you have a cycling specific injury.
Many cycling problems can be caused by poor posture as well as muscle imbalance.  She is happy to discuss riding positions and look at your cycle posture.  Careful assessment can identify the cause of the problem and show you how to help to avoid any recurrence.

Shockwave Therapy

From Spring 2016, patients have been able to benefit from a leading new treatment for long-standing and troublesome pain.  This is one of the most exciting new technologies to emerge in recent years and it will help patients with chronic long-standing painful tendon problems, as well as conditions such as plantar fasciitis, chronic upper back/shoulder pain and some kinds of chronic back pain.  Until now, this therapy has only been available in a small number of consultant-led private hospital clinics, where access has been limited.

Shockwave Therapy can provide relief and advanced recovery in situations where the healing process has stalled or failed to respond to standard therapeutic intervention.  The use of Shockwave Therapy has been found to safely and successfully treat a range of long-standing musculo-skeletal conditions, supported by a wealth of scientific evidence and is now recommended by NICE, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence.  This is a strong, non-surgical treatment for many conditions resistant to other forms of therapy.

Conditions which can be treated include: Plantar Fasciitis, Patella Tendinopathy, Achilles Tendinopathy, Chronic Back Pain, Hip Bursitis, Runners Knee, Trigger Point Pain, Shin Pain, Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow and Calcific tendons of the shoulder.


Domiciliary Visits

Domiciliary visits can be arranged when a person needs the help of a physiotherapist but is unable to travel to the clinic due to frailty or immobility.  Parkinsons Disease, problems following a stroke, issues with balance and falls or merely needing to be mobilised after a period in hospital are all conditions which can be helped by domiciliary physiotherapy.

Domiciliary Visits  £75.00 .  A Petrol charge of £5.00 will be added for visits between 5-10 miles from the clinic.

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